I did it

I broke down and bought an Ephipanie bag.

This week is a work trip to San Francisco, and I was debating on how I was going to pack.  My laptop/camera bag that I bought right after Christmas is nice, but it gets really bulky really quickly with a camera and laptop in it.  Then there’s the option of just throwing it in my purse, but it’s not protected and it’s really bad for it. Plus, the second lens would get damaged quickly too.

So I bought it.  It showed up on Friday afternoon (after ordering it Wednesday and praying that it would ship before the 5 business days it told me to allow for). 

And then I had a mini-photoshoot (not too much time to get too creative – had a final paper to write for class)

The Belle

It fits everything so nicely – my camera body, two lenses, wallet, lotion, ipod – with some room for phone and keys on the outside.   It’s big, but big bags are in right now (or at least I’m telling myself that ;)). 

S is planning on getting the iPad 2 this week when it comes out, so he was ok with me getting this (especially since I bought my lens with my play money). 

It’s been passing its everyday tests so far, and will attempt its first travel test on Wednesday. 

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