Guest bedroom update

So about a month ago, I wrote about how I wanted to DIY a headboard, and how I had found a duvet cover that I thought would work perfectly with the room.

I was able to finish the guest room last week.  So here’s the before picture:

Pretty blah, and it’s an airmattress (which is amazingly comfortable to sleep on)
And, now the, after:

I made the headboard and footboard a couple of weeks ago, and they turned out really well, considering I had never tried to upholster anything before.  I probably should’ve raised the headboard up even more so you could actually see it but it would be an easy fix if we end up getting rid of the box spring and having a low profile.  See that curtain?  I made it using the no-sew method and some fabric I picked up from JoAnn’s on sale.

The duvet is the one I mentioned when we had finally found and ordered our bedroom furniture.  And I did another gallery wall in this room, which I hope will be filled with pictures from our travels.  Picture frames came from Hobby Lobby (close to our bedroom ones, but cheaper), the clock on the nightstand came from a little boutique in Estes Park, CO, and the lamp is a left-over from S’s bachelor days.  Oh, and I made the shadowboxes with the keys for about $15 (would’ve been cheaper if I had the keys on hand).

The pillows came from Kohl’s (hooray coupons!).  The one in the front matches one of the scrapbook pages I used to temporarily fill the picture frames.

I have plans to finish this room with a desk when the time comes to turn the office into a nursery, but that’s still out in the unknown future.  But for now, I’m incredibly proud of it, and can’t wait for our first guests to come (right now that’s in May when my parents come to visit).


  1. I love what you’ve done with it! It’s very chic and comfy looking! I love the cluster of frames =) xo

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