Clean closets

So the first “assignment” for decluttering was my closet.  Since we have only lived in the house since August, there hasn’t been too much stuff that I’ve accumulated since I went through a major purge before we moved in.  I also went through my clothes again right after Christmas, since I came home with practically a whole suitcase full of new clothes (thanks to my mother-in-law who took me shopping and encouraged me to try things that I normally wouldn’t try).

However, I had gotten pretty sloppy with just throwing things in my closet since they’d be out of the way.  So my before picture:

(Excuse the overall horrid picture-taking skills I showed in these images – I was in a rush)
Notice the junk on the floor, the bags just thrown up there, and our ski pants just put up there from our attempt at snowboarding.  Armed with a box for donate things, a bag for throwaway things, and hangers, I started to work on going through what I had in there that I just don’t like or didn’t fit me anymore.  I pulled down those baskets up top and put my bags neatly in them, moved our ski equipment to the guest bedroom and found homes for the stuff that was thrown on the floor.
Here’s how it ended up:
While I don’t think there’s much of a difference, there isn’t anything piled up so much on top of the shelves, and the floor is clear of things other than shoes.  The pile of stuff in the right hand side is actually our dirty clothes basket, so it’s not clutter per se, but I’m sure I could find a more attractive way to keep it.  And now that our guest room and office closets are accessible again, I should really move over the extra hangers for guests.  
And can I just say that photographing this closet was really hard?  The light from the window, while fantastic, really makes it hard to photograph.  Oh well.
So last week’s “assignment” (or week 2) was to hit the paper pile.  Thank goodness I sort of already have a system for that, so I can hopefully knock out both weeks 2 and 3 this week and get back on track.  All I need to do there is put a couple of papers in my filing box and shred the bag of bills and credit card offers and it’s finished.  And, this week’s room is kid’s toys and clothes… I don’t have those, so maybe I can coerce S into going through his clothes 😉

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