Caught up

with reading the 125 unread blog posts that I missed while I was out of town on work!

Can I just say I love San Francisco?!

I have quite a few pictures to go through, I still have my last two weeks of my 365 project to post (check out the photos tab above to see how the first 8 weeks went!), a few assignments to post to finalize my photography class, and I need to get back in the saddle of my photography challenges! 

But as a teaser of what’s to come from my San Fran trip:

Funny story about this shot actually.  I had just finished walking the bridge (wow, tiring!) and I saw this area of gorgeous flowers that had the bridge in the background.  I pulled out my camera and started taking pictures – getting low on the ground and all!  A woman saw what I was doing and after I left, she was down in the same spot I was taking pictures.  I felt really good that I had inspired someone to take a picture, just like all of the photoblogs I follow have inspired me in some way!


  1. Beautiful photo & I can’t wait to see more! I was there once, but only on a lay over. I hope to go there and see the city soon! xo

  2. Terrific DOF. Love the bridge in the background.

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