is not a good day.

Not in the way that most would consider a bad day – coffee was good, breakfast was good, work is exceptionally quiet.

But it’s because I came to the realization this morning that I’ve caught the “mouth flu” as I’m calling it.  You know, that time when you have a series of “why in the heck did I just say that?!” moments.

The mouth flu.  Sort of like the stomach flu, but it’s word vomit instead.

It’s sort of like the picture above – a blurred mess, with only a little bit of coherency.  And, you end up offending people when you don’t mean to.

And no one’s really been safe this week: my sister, my husband, my coworkers.  I really haven’t meant to, but it’s like I went back 10 years ago when I spoke before I thought.  The filter is gone and everything is making it’s way through.

Here’s hoping this bout of mouth flu goes away before I say something really bad.

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