Robin in the snow.

This week’s theme for LEM Photo Challenge is trees.  During the work from home day I took on Monday, I thought I’d go outside and try to get a snowy tree.  In addition to the tree, I saw the largest robin I have ever seen.  Maybe it’s a she and she is “with eggs”, or maybe he just stored up seeds for the winter.  But, I couldn’t pass him/her up!

I added a texture to it for more effect.  Love the outcome.

I found the texture here.  I’m slowly learning, and am loving every minute of it!


  1. What a fantastic shot! I love the simple bird in the chaos of the branches!

  2. Very cool photo. Love it.

  3. Cool shot…love how you captured his belly & the house behind on a such neat angle 🙂

  4. Such a cute photo! And it’s amazing that the robin stands out amidst everything else that is going on in the picture.

  5. Lovely capture, love the robin!!! Thanks for linking up!

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