Guest bedroom

So last week’s grand idea involving the DIY headboard will hopefully begin this weekend!!! 

Not long after I wrote my post, I started looking up foam stores and comparing prices.  I found a local store, that was cheap online, but turned out to be 4 times as much when I called.  So, I’m awaiting the delivery of my foam from a place in Michigan (which will hopefully be tomorrow).

After fully measuring the bedroom and drawing the room out on graph paper, I put together a binder to keep track of my thoughts, in both the amount I’ve spent and inspiration.  It was then that I found this amazing duvet cover from West Elm– perfect for the spring/summer and will match perfectly with the neutral tan walls we have in there right now (plus, isn’t yellow the new thing right now?):

I marched drove on down to Denver on Tuesday night and just made it in the store before they closed.  And the bonus?  It was all on sale!  They were out of the queen size, but it’s been ordered and hopefully will be here early next week. 

So this evening after work, I’m planning on heading to both Joann’s Fabric and Hobby Lobby to get a feel for the fabric they have (armed with coupons, of course!) and pick up the batting I’ll need.  Final stop will be Home Depot to pick up the wood.  I’m really hoping to get everything so I can work on it on Saturday. 

Then, it’s a waiting game for the furniture to arrive so we I can really decorate. 


  1. How fun. Can’t wait to see photos.

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