Friday link-ups

I decided to use the same picture for this week’s Simplicity challenge, which is “Colorful”, and Live Every Moment’s challenge, which is “Black & White”.

I saw this tree when I was waiting to turn into our neighborhood.  I may have to use it more often, and it has a pretty unobstructed view to the west.


  1. Visiting from Simplicity. What a gorgeous sky! Lovely shot.

  2. Love it! I have got to learn how to take cool sunset shots like that!

  3. Wow these are incredible. Love the sorbet of colors in the first one! xo

  4. Beautiful scene – and great converted to black and white aswell.

  5. Amazing that the first shot can look so beautiful with the colors & it’s relaxing to me. The b&w is equally beautiful but the absence of color makes it look more ominous.

  6. Beautiful shot in color and great conversion to b&w as well!

  7. lovely BW silhouette!

  8. lovely capture, love the B&W

  9. Totally beautiful!

  10. Gorgeous! I love it both ways.

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