Our gallery wall

One of the biggest things that I wanted to do in our house was recreate a gallery wall in our master bedroom.  When I stumbled onto the nursery reveal at Young House Love, I knew I wanted to do something similar (minus the crib, of course!).

The colors in our master bedroom are chocolate brown, a dark periwinkle blue, white, and cream.  Yes, white and cream.  I couldn’t help that I fell in love with a quilt that was cream instead of white.  Besides, the white is only on the trim pieces and the door.

So it has taken me since August to find frames I liked.  I couldn’t even imagine what to put up.  I thought of DIY-ing them by heading to goodwill and painting what I found, but I was at a loss for even the color of frame to do.  Black – out on a chocolate brown wall.  White? Would look silly above the cream colored bedspread.  Brown? They’d blend in.  Metallic?  Too cold for our scheme.  And I wasn’t brave enough to paint blue frames.

But then, one day while I was wandering around in Target (which happens so often I can only narrow it down to one day in December in Target) I found them.  They’re a rustic white frame – so they tie together the white and cream.  Also, they’re a little worn looking, which adds to their charm.  So after I scored a Target giftcard for my birthday (thanks mom and dad!) I marched down there and loaded up.

After buying 2 8×10’s, 2 5×7’s, and 2 4×6’s, I sat down at the computer and came up with a diagram for the wall of how to place them (oh – I forgot I created an M that I also saw on YHL but can’t find the post now.  So I’ll link up that how-to tomorrow!).  This was done in Publisher, and it worked out fantastically when it came time to put the frames up.

Created in publisher

Unfortunately, our printer was out of ink, so I had to trace the boxes onto a sheet and that’s where I put the measurements – how far apart each picture should be from the sides and each other.  You can see a little bit of that in the next picture.

I ended up being one frame short, and I ordered a canvas from canvaspeople.com (who were offering a free canvas!) so it’s not completely finished yet.  But the progress so far is amazing!

The tools
The blank canvas
The progress

So imagine one more 5×7 frame in the upper left and the canvas where the white sheet is.  Once everything comes in (and I fill the frames) I’ll post an update.  But I can say that this little (and cheap if you have a ton of frames and paint lying around) project really spruced up the bedroom and made it more personal!


  1. Nice job! You are a lot more organized than I am when planning things out like that. I usually wind up using the ‘eyeball it until it looks good’ technique.

  2. I love it! Looks great!

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