New winter wreath

I finally got around to taking down some of the outside Christmas decorations this afternoon, and realized I wanted something else to go up on our door.  I thought about doing a plain boxwood wreath until I found a blog  that showed a simple grapevine wreath with a cardinal.  Armed with my 20% my entire purchase coupon, I headed down to Michael’s to get materials.

It was super easy to do, although I’m not too sure I like working with grapevine.

So the materials:
1. 18″ grapevine wreath
2. White berries
3. A bird (I chose a cardinal, the blog I linked above used a blue jay and she added glitter to make it red)
4. Glue gun
5. Wire cutters

The bird had a little clip so I took a little stick from the wreath and hot glued it so the bird sat in the right direction on the wreath.  Then, I pulled apart the berries (hooray Christmas clearance items!) and hot glued them in as well.  This is the part that took some getting used to and adjusting as I went.  Sometimes, you could really see the hot glue and it wasn’t attractive.  So I bent the wires to have the berries hide the glue chunks.  And when worse came to worse, I pulled some out and started over with that berry bunch again.

Like my first ornament wreath, it was some trial and error, and I’m sure I could do it better the next time.

I bought a wintry looking ribbon (white with silver sparkles) and hung it using that, since the suction cup idea wasn’t working.

Simple, clean, and adorable.  Anyone have any other decoration’s they’ve done lately to still keep things festive, but transition away from Christmas?


  1. Too cute! You know, if this whole “atmospheric scientist” thing doesn’t work out, you could go into business making wreaths year round. 😉

  2. Very pretty wreath.

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