More jewelry please!

Back before the new year, S and I stumbled upon a bead shop in the west end of Boulder.  A co-worker had mentioned the store to me, but I wasn’t able to place where it was until we literally walked up on it one night before dinner.  So we went in to check it out.  Lucky for me, they offer free Saturday morning wire basics class.  And this past weekend they offered a “make and take” class – a pair of dangle earrings and a pair of chandelier earrings.  I got a little frustrated (hello, perfectionist!) but the results were amazing.  I still need to practice, but it’s fun to have a hobby that I can give away (blog giveaway coming maybe?!) or just wear for myself.  I spent a little bit of time after the class picking out beads to make more earrings/necklaces.  I made 3 sets of earrings yesterday (two in class, one after I got home), and have a few designs left in the works. 

(Edit: And don’t click on the pictures to make them bigger… they’re blurry.  Sorry if you found that out the hard way… just enjoy them small!)

A little out of my box – I chose these colors because I don’t have anything like it
Neutral, but fancy – perfect for a nice dinner out
More my speed – cute and little.

I’m looking forward to taking more classes there and getting better at making various designs.  And, this knocks another thing off my to-do list!  Take a craft class.


  1. I love the second one. Awesome.

  2. Very cute! For a little while when I was pregnant with Julia I was making jewelry… I don’t think I was so good at it. Your designs look great!

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