So I mentioned already what S and family got me for Christmas, so I put it to good use to document what I got S for Christmas… all of the goods to do our his own homebrewing.

I don’t know all of the steps, but I did take quite a few pictures of the steps:

Tips from the book

Bringing up the equipment – and looking all manly
Our first type
The malts

Dropping in the malts
Adding the malt extract
The inspiration – New Belgium’s 1554

All in all it took about 3 hours to get it going, and now we wait for awhile for it to ferment.  Our first batch should be ready for tasting.  While it’s not a cheap hobby, it’s definitely fun!  If you like beer like we do (which isn’t for the feeling, it’s for the taste) then it doesn’t hurt to try!


  1. My hubby just finished up his 3rd batch of homebrew! We use Brewers Best kits, but he is wanting to experiment with making his own recipes now. Yikes! He’s made an American Cream Ale (which he & his friends really loved), an Irish Stout (that one didn’t go over so well), and now an Irish Red. The latest one has gone over really well. FIL was really impressed! lol. Good luck and have fun!! 🙂

  2. Fun! Hope it taste good. 🙂

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