On Wednesday, H and I went down to Denver to visit the Denver Firefighter’s Museum.  While I’m not really into the whole fire thing (fire is one of my biggest fears), I knew it was hers, and I was excited to have something to photograph!

I went with the intention of learning some history and taking pictures, and it was a great time.  I know H had a blast, so that’s really the most important thing.  Here are a few unedited shots I took at the museum.

Closeup of the lights on one of the old trucks
Gorgeous lights on the stairs
Don’t press the red button!
This is my second favorite picture I’ve taken yet.

For $6, it wasn’t a bad deal.  I’ll admit, I was more there for the picture taking than the learning, but I thought it was really interesting to see the evolution of the fire station and Denver firefighting itself.

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