Bathroom quickie

So back in November, I found a blog post that showed adorable crafts with mason jars.  I stored it away for when I had a little time (and mason jars…)

Lucky for us, one of the local breweries serves take away beer in mason jars.  I completely forgot that I bought S a “growler” when he had to stay late at work one night and missed out on happy hour.  And, I had a little one that has moved along with me from my grad school days that I couldn’t part with.  It’s amazing what you can find when you’re going through things.

Speaking of the Ikea trip over Christmas, I picked up a little bag of sand (which of course threw off the TSA people when we flew back to CO, even though I checked it) since it was pretty cheap.  I split the bag of sand between the two jars and put tealights in them.  With that same 20% off coupon I mentioned, I grabbed a package of starfish and some twine.

So the materials:
1. Mason jars – whatever size you want
2. Sand
3. Starfish
4. Twine
5. Hot glue gun
6. Scissors

It was pretty easy to do, and I messed around for a bit until I got it how I liked it.  I started by dabbing a little bit of glue on the jar and attaching the twine.  I wrapped it around and around until I got to the top, where I dabbed a little more glue and attached the other end of the twine.  Then for the starfish, I tabbed glue on the back of it, and wrapped twine around under the arms to give it more of a rustic look.  Finally, I glued the starfish on, and wrapped a bit more twine around the jar to make it even more secure.

I didn’t put one on the little one because it would’ve overpowered it.  I thought it balanced out the big one too.

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