A look back, and a look ahead.

2010 was a whirlwind year.

We had many friends come to visit, we took a few trips, and I started on my 101/1001 journey.  There were births, deaths, weddings, and divorces.  We bought our house, started new jobs, developed new friendships, and rekindled old ones.  We started making our own traditions and celebrated one year of marriage.  As a whole, the year was more up than down, and can only hope the new year brings even more ups.

So what can you expect for 2011 from Life on Delgany St?

1. We’re looking to be healthier, whether that be through eating, exercising, or a combination of both.  I hesitate to say lose weight, because that’s what everyone says.  But resolving to be more active and make healthier lifestyle choices is something I know I can handle.
2. Put a huge dent in my to-do list.  I’ve started a few (make cookies, read the Bible, 365 challenge) and hope to finish some of the others.
3. Become more organized.  We started this off yesterday by filling S’s Christmas present from me (a tool chest!) and putting our Christmas decorations away in an organized manner.  I pride myself already on being pretty organized, but I want to get even better.
4. Keep putting personalized touches on our house, and show you guys where I got the inspiration.  We’ve been pretty busy since we got back, and I’ve been taking pictures along the way.  Look for those posts to come in the near future!

While they’re not resolutions, S and I are planning on taking a few mini-vacations this year, with hopefully a bigger trip to Disney in the summer.  Also, I’ll be continuing with school and start a new split appointment with my job tomorrow.  I’ll be doing what I’ve been doing 70% of the time, with the remaining 30% in a new outreach position within the organization I work for.

Happy 2011 from our house to yours!  What resolutions have you made or focuses have you placed on the new year?


  1. I’m also attempting to read the Bible in one year and participating in a 365 photo challenge!

    My plan is to do my reading during my lunch break, because I’ve determined trying to do it before leaving for work would make me rush through it and trying to do it before bed would be too tiring. I did my first reading yesterday at Atlanta Break Co.

    I’m doing my D365 challenge mostly through my iPod and the Flickr app, so I can immediately upload the photos and put in a description.

    Good luck to both of us! =)

  2. Great list of things to come in 2011.

  3. I started the 365 Photo Project this year, and will hopefully be crossing some of the bigger/longer goals this year. I certainly hope that 2011 brings more ups than downs than 2010 did. It was overall a really good year (especially adopting our doggie), but with my husband loosing his job last December, we lived the entire year on my substitute teacher paychecks…not easy, or fun! All I want for 2011 is for the hubs to get a job! Good luck with the year!!

    PS: That is a really great picture of you and your husband! You guys are very cute!

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