2011 home goals

A few of the gals I follow are participating in this year’s 2011 Home Goals linky put on by The Nester

Even though S and I have been really busy putting a few touches on our home recently, there is always something to be done!  I’m probably too late to link up, but I figure I could still post our 2011 home goal list.

1. Build a small deck/patio on the side of the house. 
Our side yard is small.  Like about 6 ft wide small.  But it runs the length of the house out to the alley.  Not to mention it’s on an angle, so we can’t just throw paving stones down and be done with it.

What we’re workin with

We’d like a place to keep the grill outside and a small bistro table for eating grilled deliciousness while enjoying the amazing Colorado summer nights.  Ahh.

Something like this could work – Source
One option – not so raised of course.  S really wants railings

2. A new bedroom set.
Our bed and dresser are the only things hanging over from S’s bachelor days. It’s a beautiful set, but doesn’t really fit the style of the house.  So we went to Scandinavian Design a couple of months ago and found a set we really love.  Since we’re still paying off our appliance purchase, we’ve put the bedroom set on hold.  But it’s a major goal for the year.

3. Set up the office and finally finish unpacking that room.
When we lived in the namesake of the blog, we bought an L-shaped desk from Ikea for S and I to share.    Once we moved here and dumped our cheap bookshelves, we looked to Ikea for bookshelves and a file system.  On our trip back east over Christmas, we went back to Ikea to see if we could buy the system we liked and ship it ourselves.  They weighed too much, so we left them, and couldn’t justify the shipping price (which was almost as much as the piece itself).  So, we either need to find another piece that matches, or wait until Ikea opens in Denver in the fall. 

Even though we only have three house goals at this point, it doesn’t mean that things won’t go wrong or we’ll realize something down the road that needs fixing. 


  1. Sounds like great goals. Good luck!

  2. Sounds like some good goals. That’s what I miss about renting for now…the part about making it your own.

    Btw, I really like your header! Clean and simple, but really cute, too!

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