Let’s start from where I left off

I hope everyone had a fantastic transition into the winter season and a very Merry Christmas!  I’ve been away for about two weeks now, and I can say that I really needed a break from most things electronic.  I started to write a post early last week about an article I found on CNN, but thought I would sound completely ungrateful for whatever was in store for me.  So, now that both my birthday and Christmas have passed, I can link up that article, comment on it, and say how S and my family did everything in their power to NOT have this happen to me.

On my last day of work for 2010 (December 20th!!  WooHoo!) I checked in on cnn.com while some code was running.  Lo and behold, on the side of my screen I saw this: December babies get the short end of the stick, combined gifts.  I started to write up a post about how completely accurate it was, but then I felt like I was ungrateful for everything my parents did for me growing up.  They kept from putting up the Christmas tree until after my birthday, and they never wrapped a present in Christmas paper.

Oh – and in case you’re wondering – my birthday is the 21st.

I had a few parties growing up, only 4 that I can remember, but I know my friends and family did all that they could.  Until I got my “big girl” job, I even used my birthday money to buy friends and family Christmas presents.  But, it was worth it to me.  The only thing that struck a cord with me in that article is that I don’t get to celebrate as often with my friends.  I could care less about presents.  I just want good company.

So this year, S made it a point to really put some focus on my birthday.  We were going to throw a party earlier in the month, but it fell through due to various holiday plans.  But when my birthday actually did roll around, I was able to celebrate with good food, S and 5 other good friends.

And when we traveled back east to celebrate Christmas with our families, my parents made sure to take the time out of the last minute errands to go to dinner.

I also do have to say that my husband absolutely spoiled me too.  Between my birthday and Christmas, he and both of our families have set me in the right direction to knock quite a few things off my 101/1001 list in 2011 (Whew, that’s a lot of 1’s!).  But those will come in later posts, as I get some time to process thoughts and pictures.


  1. Glad you got to have your birthday party with some friends. Birthdays in December really do get the short end of the stick. Hope you have a happy new year!

  2. I’m right there with ya on the December birthdays (I read that article, too). Mine’s on Dec. 27th so it’s hard to get together with friends on my birthday (either I’m traveling or they’re traveling) but my family’s always done a great job of separating it from Christmas, using birthday cards and birthday wrapping paper. Sometimes I think having my birthday around Christmas even helps extended family remember 😉 Glad to hear you were able to celebrate with family and friends this year. Happy New Year!

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