As if I didn’t have enough to do already

I decided to open up an Etsy shop (banner will take you there).

After hearing people tell me how much they liked the ones I’ve done (although the verdict’s still out on my mother-in-law’s… they were delivered this morning and she hasn’t seen them yet), I decided to try my hand at selling them.  I know it’s getting late in the season, but I’m sure people still haven’t started decorating yet.

I’m shipping through FedEx, overnight at that, so even orders placed this weekend will be there by Tuesday!  I’m also debating on making seasonal wreaths as well.

So now I can add this to the list of blog makeovers, school, work, and trying to keep the house in order things I need to do.  But it’s been so much fun making the wreaths and other things I’ve done so far, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it!  So pass the word along if you know of people who haven’t found that wreath, kissing ball, or tabletop tree yet!

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