With Thanksgiving almost here…

I really got in the mood to do start working on some of that DIYing for Christmas decorations that I wanted to do.  S and I went out to Costco on Saturday to pick up LED lights, and ended up at Michael’s buying things to make even more things.  And, I did most of them all in two days!

So, as I showed last week, I made a little table tree to go somewhere yet to be determined.  I was going to make the kissing ball match the tree, but didn’t like the way the pine was turning out.  So, I yanked each and every piece out (which ended up helping… I’ll explain in a minute) and started over.

Since I was using a styrofoam ball, the pine left nice little holes.  The eucalyptus I was using for the new design, however, did not have stems thick enough, nor sturdy enough to poke new holes.  So armed with my new friend tacky glue, I filled the holes, waited a minute for it to harden a bit, and put the little pieces of eucalyptus in it.  And I did it over, and over and over.  I got about 3/4 of the way through it the first night, finished the rest the second, and patched holes with berries and little pieces the final day.  Since I was using plastic instead of silk, it wasn’t always easy to get the pieces to stay in, so that’s why it took me 3 days to make.  I don’t have a picture (but don’t worry – decorations are going up on Sunday!), but it looks pretty darn close to the PotteryBarn one. Score!

While we were standing in Costco, I said how I wanted to go over to Michael’s to find things for a wreath for the front door, even if it was only to get ideas.  Again, I was in love with this wreath from PotteryBarn:

But DEFINITELY couldn’t justify the $80.  Yes, I know it’s real, which is really cool, and would smell fantastic, but yeah.  $80.  So, I decided to make one myself – but that’ll come in a different post, since I need to take a picture or two to show how I did it.

So look forward to that post coming either tomorrow or early next week (depending on my free time tonight).

I’m also getting excited to spend time with my family.  My sister actually mentioned having me make something with her, and she wanted to use old Christmas cards.  Being the saavy googler that I am, I found this adorable wreath idea, and am looking forward to making that this weekend, and storing the idea for S and I when we collect enough cards!



  1. Can’t wait to see your wreath. I really need to get into doing some crafts.

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