Wine tasting and tour

With the trip home to VA, and my in-laws coming in to celebrate with S, my family, and I, I decided a little day trip to a local winery was in store.  Not only did it cross another item off my to-do list, but it provided a fun filled afternoon for everyone!

Chateau Morrisette in Meadows of Dan, VA

We arrived at the winery around 4 pm, with a tour scheduled at 5, so we browsed around the gift shop and waited for our turn at the tasting bar.

The tasting was $5, and you got to keep the glass, so it was definitely worth it.  And, I actually found a few red wines that I actually enjoyed.  Our tasting guide was fantastic, and we got to taste a few more than the 10 we were scheduled to have.  He made a 50/50 mixture of their blackberry wine and Chambourcin – mmm sooo good.  For more of their selection, check out their website… and we’re pretty lucky that they’ll ship to CO because the Vidal Blanc was definitely our favorite and one we can see serving in the summer.

The tasting group

So at 5, we convened in the foyer for our tour.  Here I’m thinking it’s going to be close to an hour, since the winery closes at 6.  Boy was I wrong.  It literally was 10 minutes.  Oh well.  It was free, so I guess I really can’t complain.  The cellar was definitely the best part.

The girls

By the end of it, we were tired, and full of wine.  If you’re ever in the area, I would suggest heading down there for an afternoon, but don’t get your hopes up for a grand tour.  The wine though was really good, and even the Italian wine maker in the group enjoyed a few of them. 

After everything, I knocked off another restaurant off my list: The Farmhouse in Christiansburg, VA.  Turns out it’s where the Virginia Tech football team eats before games.  It was quite a site to see traffic stopped and these huge guys roll out of buses.  The food was ok, but the company was better.  Maybe because they were feeding so many guys the other food kinda got brushed aside. 

The rest of the trip was fantastic, and I have a few other posts to write up in the coming days – so stay tuned!

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