Our home – fresh out of the Potterybarn catalog

We arrived back in CO just before midnight on Saturday, which turned out to be the best decision we could’ve made.  First, we could sleep on the flight.  Second, we missed the going home rush on Sunday. And third, we didn’t have to go back to work the next morning.  Kudos to S for making our reservations that way!

So Sunday morning we got up leisurely, made coffee and hauled up the Christmas decorations from the basement.  I was really excited because I could finally put up the kissing ball, wreath, garland and mini tree that I had made in the previous weeks! 

First, we put up the tree.  We had to move our furniture around a little bit in order to put the tree in front of our big window.  Then, S went outside and started sketching how we were going to put up the lights.  While he was doing that, I excitedly grabbed my wreath and hung it up on the door.  It looks so perfect!

See, doesn’t it look close?

 I probably could’ve added even more ornaments, but decided against it

With the lights

The garland isn’t exactly like the catalog, but S said it would be better if there were fewer ornaments as not to take away from the wreath. 

Tomorrow will be a post with the kissing ball I made, and a look at the wreath I made for my sister (I also made one exactly like this for my mom, but with gold instead of silver).

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