Fighting zombies – and other sleep interrupting things

On Halloween night, S and I turned on the scary flicks and answered the door with our big bowl of candy

to the neighborhood kiddies.  We also got hooked on a show (ok, ok, I got hooked and S humors me)… The Walking Dead.

The storyline is about a sheriff who was in the hospital and woke up to zombiecalypse.  His family is no where to be seen and makes it back to his house where he realizes they must be alive because they took their family photos!  So the dude heads into Atlanta, where he meets quite a few of the walking dead… and some of the living.  I won’t go into any more detail, in case you haven’t seen it and want to.

But what does this have to do with me not sleeping?  Well, first, if you can’t stand gory zombies, sorry, this post isn’t for you 🙂 See, I’m even putting in a page break so you won’t see it on my homepage!  You’ve been warned!

Second, I’ve never been a zombie fan, since usually they look silly:

Sorry MJ – love the song… but 80’s zombies are silly (source)
Dawn of the Dead zombies look better, but not scary Source

They’ve never given me nightmares (although I am Legend freaked me out – not because of zombies but just the general idea – which is sort of here too, except the guy’s not the only one alive).  

So when I caught the show, I was genuinely freaked out by their rendition of these creatures, and I got hooked.

Whoa – creepy!!!! Source

It’s really odd the effect this show has had on me.  I seriously walk up the stairs after each episode thinking “if that happened to me, I’d board up the windows and store food.  


But what if we had no food in the house!  What if the stores were all looted!!  We’d die of starvation!  Would I be brave enough to walk down to the store to try to get anything I could?  


What would I used to knock off their head?  What if our neighbors were zombies, would they beat down our door because they know we’re here? Would we run to the mountains to hide with anyone else that survived?”


This is silly behavior.  But last night, after watching last night’s final battle (as S says… the “pew pew”), I couldn’t get it out of my head.  So I laid there, fast asleep, fighting zombies until the alarm went off.   So much fighting, in fact, that I’m exhausted today. 

But on the other hand, I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that I tossed and turned all night, since my cat was pretty much sleeping right on top of me and wouldn’t move.


  1. If you like the show, give the comic books it’s based on a try 🙂

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