October 2010 Photo Hunt

So I found a scavenger hunt photo challenge that lists 20 different pictures you’re supposed to take and you have the entire month to find and take them.  I really procrastinated on this, but I got them all finished!!!  Some I’m much more proud of than others, but I’m hoping this will help me grow as a photographer.  Check out the other entries at Photo Hunt Challenges!

So here goes!!

1. In Disguise
Since we don’t have kids, and I’m too nervous to ask the trick-or-treaters to take pictures, I asked S to help me recreate an image I took a few years ago.  My headless horseman, version 2.

2. Crisp
I had a hard time with this, because I think of crisp in the way you bite an apple, tear apart lettuce, those fall mornings that are crystal clear and chilly… but I couldn’t capture it (and maybe that’s because I’m so new to all of this).  So, I went with the next thing I could think of… crisp chips

3. Fall Colors
The leaves here in CO aren’t nearly as vibrant as the trees back east… except of course for the Aspens.  However, I didn’t get any good shots of those up in the park, but my mother-in-law’s driveway was a beautiful place.  It incorporates so many of the colors I think of with fall – yellow, orange, red, and brown.

4. A Jack O’lantern
We got together one night with some friends to carve our pumpkins.  These were our finished ones, with a little retouching πŸ˜‰

5. A shot from the ground
This has to be one of my favorite pictures from this challenge, and it happened to be a fluke, since I had all of these other ones taken for it.  Bella decided she was going to lay behind a leg of our coffee table, and so I laid down, and snapped this

6. A landscape
A trip to Rocky Mountain National Park isn’t complete without a landscape shot

7. A fall tradition
Nothing says fall like pumpkin seeds and carving.

8. Books
We still don’t have bookshelves for our new house, and I didn’t want to take a picture of one book, so I took a picture of my shelf at work.  Makes me a little proud too, because the book all the way to the left is my Master’s Thesis.

9. Dining
Oh man did I miss some good shots for this.  Oh well – here’s my staged dining shot

10. Child/Children
No challenge is complete without a picture of our niece.  When we visited her in Baltimore, all she kept saying was “cookie, cookie!” when we went out for brunch.  She got her cookie, and I got this shot

11. Faces formed in nature
I struggled with this, even though the building I work in looks like faces (I should take one after the fact just to show).  But, mother nature provided me with this today (I couldn’t believe it!) – Can you see the smiley?

12. Tilt-shift photography
I was getting nervous about actually doing this editing, but thanks to the photo hunt sponsors, they linked up an awesome site that did it for me.  One of these days I will learn how to use Photoshop or the like

13. B&W with selective coloring
I found an amazing tutorial here, and the result I got is amazing.  I may play around with this some more to print some stuff off for our house

14. Bokeh
Also from our trip to Rocky Mountain National Park – these little ground chipmunks were too cute!

15. Best Photo from Oct 23
I actually used my best picture for the black and white one, so here’s my second favorite.  It probably would’ve been better for the fall colors, but that’s ok!  If only the sky had been a little bluer that day, it would’ve been a gorgeous shot!

16. Something from the kitchen
I took probably 50 pictures in the kitchen.  And this is all I could come up with

17. Something vintage
A vintage book in a wreath I made, but taken more artistically than when I linked up to my post

18. Something creepy
We decorated our front porch for Halloween, complete with creepy plastic spiders

19. Something golden
Cute little tealight holders give off a golden glow on this Halloween morning

20. A self-portrait
I’m not good at taking pictures of myself, but since it’s fall and sunny, I used my shadow as my self-portrait


  1. I adore shot from the ground! Good Job!

  2. Great work on the hunt! I especially like the composition of your jack o’ lantern. I love your fall colors photo! Here are mine:

  3. I love them. Wonderful job! I love your fall colors shot!

  4. Shot from the ground is great! πŸ˜€

    Love the B&W with selective colouring. Beautiful.

    Your “best photo” is really pretty.

  5. These are great but that landscape shot is AMAZING!

  6. I love all these shots. I use my niece and nephew as models all the time. I was going to use that same concept for a self portrait but that changed when I saw the huge mirror on my vintage truck.

  7. i love the landscape shot and the black and white with selective color is rockin. nice job!

  8. Love your kitty and landscape shots!

  9. love your vintage shot and face in nature is a great capture! nice wok πŸ™‚

  10. Great shots, I love them all! The perspective in the shots is amazing!

  11. Love your fall colors and landscape – the shadows and light in the landscape shot are just lovely! That face in the clouds totally looks like a clown to me. It’s actually kind of creepy, but only if clowns creep you out, I guess. πŸ™‚

  12. Thanks so much for all of the comments! I had a blast doing them!

  13. Love your shot from the ground and tilt shift photos! Great job!

  14. I love your creative take on the self-portrait photo. Very fun! I also love your photos for fall colors, landscape, and fall tradition. The angle you used for the fall tradition photo makes it so incredibly unique!

    Also, if you enjoyed the b&w with selective coloring, you might enjoy my link-up, Color Splash Sunday. Here is more information: http://purple-hippie.blogspot.com/p/color-splash-sunday.html.

  15. That little squirrel is very cute. great collection of photos.

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