Mid-week laughs: A Facebook found poem

Ok, so since RAW(e) was a no-go again this week (the blog owner is on bed rest with her baby that needs to stay in there just a little bit longer) and I haven’t had anything profound to say, I have stayed away from blogging.

That was until I saw the topic of this week’s Midweek Laughs over at E, Myself and I: A Facebook found poem (or What makes you laugh about Facebook?).  The poem idea sounded much cooler, so I got right to work.

So here’s my Facebook poem (and sorry friends, if I used your status, I just couldn’t help it!)

When I see your face
life seems to be moving faster and faster and it’s making me dizzy
working long hours all week so [I] can go back
candles lit, preparing to disconnect from the world

I gotta take a flight outta here
And get it outta my system
[I] need a getaway, I’m giving into you
Don’t think I would have remembered without you.

I could not be more of a hopeless romantic if I tried
Wishing for Flora, Fauna and Merriweather to come
Time to clear my head
Baby don’t you want to go back to that same old place?

At some point, certain discoveries
Call for a cessation of activity.
Trying not to question… just trying to trust.
A slight ray of sunshine, whatever happened to a gorgeous day

I was wearing princess shoes,
[He] stopped his fancy car in a ditch
so I could steal some cotton off the vine
Pecans are falling and they taste so good
A woman’s work is never done. 

Lost in my own mind, 
[I] wish [I] had a “worry-off” switch.
Skinnier body parts would be a good thing.
The fatkid is out of commission,
Just thought I should let you know.
(I can’t resist peanut m&ms).

Last day in paradise,
Looking to burn this place to the ground
Keep dancing people
Nothing changes if nothing changes.
[I’m] laying “what if” to rest.

Oh man, that was so much fun!!  Head over to E, Myself and I, check out your friend’s Facebook statuses and make your own poem.  Trust me, “if this doesn’t make you at least a little bit emotional, it’s possible you have no soul” (taken from another status).


  1. SOOO good! Yours even sounds kind-of poetic! I’m impressed!

    Thanks for playing!

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