Friday Five: 29 October

It’s been a whirlwind of an October (as I’ve alluded to, and as you can see in my number of posts for the month).  We’ve got one more weekend of visitors coming up (S’s dad is coming to visit the first weekend of November) and other than that, we just have Thanksgiving.  I’m really excited to have some time to relax a little and clean our house – it’s really amazing how dirty things can get in such a short amount of time when you have two little kitties running around.

1. This past weekend was our trip to Baltimore for S’s mom’s surprise birthday party.  She thought we were in town for our Alma Matter’s homecoming weekend, but really it was all for her. It was a “Sexy at 60” party (oops – probably shouldn’t have put her age out there, oh well ;)) And so we had to dress in animal print.

My parents drove up for the party
With the birthday girl
One of the best pictures of the two of us

2. When we got back, we set to work getting our house finished up and ready for Halloween.  I way overspent my $100 budget (but hey, next year will be cheap!!) but our house looks great.  The last purchase was the spider web stuff on the porch.  We even had some neighborhood kids checking it out the other night.  We’re looking forward to having our first trick-or-treaters this weekend!!!

The two pumpkins by the door are our soon-to-be Jack-o-lanterns (we’re carving them tonight!). 

3. I’ve also been working on doing some blog things for a couple of people, and trying to juggle that, school and work has been much more challenging than I thought it would be.  Look for links to those blogs coming up once the blog authors and I have finished things up!  It’s been so fun though!

4. My first class is finished, and I’m anxiously awaiting my project grade to know the final grade in the class.  I’ve been doing really well, even with the new style of citing and formatting.  I even got a 120/120 on my mini-project earlier in the term.  My second class started this week, and I’ve been kinda slacking on it.  After this I’ll take a couple week break and start back up after the holidays.

5. I finally have a 101/1001 update!  I feel like I’ve been the biggest slacker ever on it!  I was on such a good roll in the beginning.  Anyway, I finished our Christmas stockings last night (sorry – no pics yet – they’ll be coming soon!).  They aren’t nearly as intricate as the pattern showed them to be (I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to put the piping on them… treeskirt, no problem… stockings… no.  And I skipped out on the little toe part) and they have some imperfections, but for our first stockings, I’m pretty excited about them.  They match our tree skirt, which alternates between red and green of this adorable shabby chic fabric I found last year.  I can’t wait to put everything up!!!

I hope you all have a fantastic Halloween – be safe and have fun!!! 


  1. Hi Jess! I ditched my facebook account and realized I don’t have any contact info for you. can you send me some at mine (

  2. I love that last photo. We are carving tonight too. Have a great weekend.

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