Friday Five: 10/8

What a crazy month October is turning out to be!  Not only have we had S’s mom and her best friend in town, but we have S’s best friend and his wife coming next weekend, a trip back east the following weekend, plus my first class ends on the 24th!

1. Life in September was just as stressful, especially since things with my job took a downturn again (no threat of losing it – just unhappy with some of the things around here). I’ve been trying really hard to put on a happy face while I’m here, and I’m brainstorming new ways to enjoy being here (if someone wants to donate a beanbag chair to the cause, let me know!).

S and I were emailing yesterday, and it got me to thinking – I really need to find some sort of mantra to get me going.  And then I remembered part of my sorority’s creed.  I jumped on publisher and quickly typed up a banner to hang in my cube above my desk:

For a quick throw together, I think it serves its purpose (font style is Susie’s Hand – a free font I downloaded from here).  And sorry for the picture quality, if you click on it, it gets better. But maybe I can use this to work into a nice piece of art for either here or the house (hello other list item!!).

In other news:

2. I’m actually doing really well in my class, and I ordered my book today for the second one!  This going to school while working while owning a new house thing is stressful, but I’m proving that I can do it!

3. So, what did I get for S for his birthday?  Well, I’m glad you asked!  I got him a custom made cornhole set from a seller on etsy.  We haven’t put it to use yet, but hopefully will Sunday morning when people come over to watch the Raven’s – Broncos game.  What does it look like?  Here’s a picture the seller sent me (and I haven’t had a chance to take a picture since it was delivered)

4. I’ve decided to start scheduling my work days.  It may spill over into scheduling my entire day, but I really enjoy the evenings to do whatever we want, when we want, so for now, the hours of 8-5 are scheduled.  I have a hard time switching between tasks (going from programming this to programming that, or reading this journal article, etc) so I figure this may help.  So far it’s good, but we’ll see if I can keep it up!

5. S and I decided last week that we’re going to pick about 5-6 places in the country to travel to next year.  We’re hoping that, if all works out, 2011 will be the last child-free year we have, and instead of going to Europe, we’re going to take trips to various cities around the country (or maybe Canada).  So far the on place we know we’re headed to at some point is Chicago.  My other thoughts: Seattle (or Vancouver, or both), Charleston, Savannah, Boston (as much as it pains me to say it), Napa Valley, Redwood National Forest, NYC… and S has some other ideas as well.  Any other suggestions that I didn’t list that you think are a must see?

Hope you have a great weekend!!!


  1. Ummm . . . Huntsville?! =P

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