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Now that I’ve read all 50-something blog posts that were waiting for me, I can now get around to posting about our fabulous extended weekend (that has required extra coffee to get going today).

S’s mom came in this weekend to celebrate his birthday (which was yesterday)…

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!

But before we get to what we did on his birthday, let’s start with what we did before:

S’s mom (I) and her best friend (M) got in late Saturday morning.  I spent the morning running around like a chicken without my head finishing up laundry and my school assignment that was due Sunday.  We decided we were going to spend the afternoon in Denver and the little neighborhoods around there to show M the sights since she’s never been out here before.  We first stopped at the Old Louisville Inn for brunch… which knocked off another restaurant… and wow.  We all got the same thing (corned buffalo hash with eggs and green chili) and it’s all we could talk about for the rest of the morning.  It’s a MUST for a chilly fall morning.  Soooo yummy (and so bad that we found it, because now we’ll go there all the time for brunch on the weekend).  If you like corned beef hash, and a bit of spice, this is totally the dish for you.  I topped it off with some over medium eggs, and did all but lick the plate clean!

On Sunday, we got up early and headed up to Central City, CO to visit the casinos.  This is the first time I’ve been up there, and it’s basically an old mining town that was headed toward becoming a ghost town, so the city petitioned and was granted permission for casinos to move in.  Here’s just a quick shot I got as we were walking from the parking lot (no cameras allowed inside the casinos)

After spending most of the morning and a good chunk of the afternoon there, we headed to Idaho Springs, CO to do a little shopping (where I scored a cute little bird to go on the counter in the bathroom) before meeting up with some friends for dinner.  Unfortunately, another wildfire started just up the road from where we were, so it snowed ash for the entire time we were there.  It did make for a beautiful scenery though (I tried to get the power lines out of there):

On S’s actually birthday, I took off work and we headed up to Estes Park and then ventured into Rocky Mountain National Park to see the sights and hopefully see some wildlife.  We started out heading to Big Daddy Bagels and I had the best bagel I’ve ever had – green chili bagel with southwest cream cheese (which is just cream cheese with their salsa) and avacado – yummmmmmm.  Add another great but bad thing to the list, because this place is even closer than the OLI is – it’s literally around the corner.

First stop was Estes Park to do some shopping.  We found some beautiful wall art, other decorative accessories and super cheap mums (which, even though they were cheap, put me just over my $100 budget, and I haven’t bought pumpkins yet) before heading up to Rocky Mountain National Park for the rest of the afternoon.  Just a few shots of the sights and wildlife we saw:

Sheep lake

Gray Jay (aka “camp robber”)
Steller’s Jay

Ground squirrel

Group of elk

We headed back to Boulder and met up with some friends to celebrate and get some dinner down on Pearl Street.  It was a great weekend, and we all had a blast!


  1. This pictures are wonderful. I love the one of squirrel. What lens were you using?

  2. I actually only use a point and shoot right now – the Canon Powershot SX210.

  3. The pictures are FANTASTIC! I love the one of the Steller’s Jay!

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