What a weekend!

So this past weekend, S and I flew back to VA to celebrate two very special ladies in my life: my grandmothers!  My mom’s mom turned 75 at the beginning of August, and my dad’s mom turns 80 on Thursday!  So the kids of both sides decided to throw them surprise dinners with family and close friends.  But first, let’s start at the beginning (or, if you don’t want to read, skip on down to the pictures).

I’ve been feeling so bad because I’ve been lying to my dad’s mom for the last week about what’s going on this weekend.  I haven’t said anything on the blog (well, I alluded to something exciting happening in my Friday Five from last week) or on Facebook, which was really hard because I was so excited to get back and see everyone!  But, I kept talking about how we had to do this and that around the house, and how the weekend was going to be great because we could finally relax a little bit. 

We caught a late afternoon flight to Raleigh, where my cousin T and her husband M live, and my mom came to pick S, T and I up.  We left Raleigh around 12 am, and didn’t get in until almost 4 am.  S got sick on the way up (turns out Southwest had recalled their tomato juice, and S got lucky enough to get some of the recalled cans, before they were pulled ::shakes fist::) and my mom got a ticket.  That is a whole other story for another time (silly speed traps in VA.  We think the cop thought she was drunk.  Hey, it was 3 am on a  Friday night.  But if she knew my mom, she would know that would NEVER be the case).

We woke up late on Saturday and pretty much hid downstairs at my parent’s house until we left to go see my mom’s mom and the rest of that side of the family.  My cousin J also came in from Knoxville for the weekend, so he and I stood at the door of the restaurant waiting for her.  I wish I had my camera to get the look on her face when she realized it was the two of us standing there!  We had a great dinner, lots of laughs, and enjoyed each other’s company.

J and I with the guest of honor
Singing Happy Birthday
The family

On Sunday, we spent the morning getting ready (and I submitted my first online school assignment!  Woo!), I took some pictures around my parent’s house, and then headed to downtown Roanoke to look around for a bit (and to find materials to make a wreath for our front door – more to come on that in a different post).  I wish I could’ve found something for this week’s RAW(e) challenge, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to sit out this week.

Cute little guy buzzing around
Climbing flowers along the back of my parent’s yard
Flowers in the front of the house
My parent’s house
Nothing better than home-grown cherry tomatoes!
Bakery on the market in Downtown Roanoke
The famous coffee sign

Wow, I’m really going into picture overload (and these are only a few of them all!). 

Guess I’ll break it up into a part 2!

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