What a weekend – pt 2!

So after our trip downtown, we headed home and changed to get ready for the party for my other grandmother.  My sister J, S and I went a little early to make sure everything was set up and to catch up with family before the lady of the day got there.

My sister on the look-out.

I ended up being on “shooshing” duty, and we got her really, really good.  She thought my parents and her other children were up to something for Monday.  Here are a few other pictures from the party:

Most of the cousins and their spouses
Grandma and grandkids
The loot!
Courtesy of my sister
The birthday girl doing what birthday girls do best

After the party, my parents, sister, S, grandmother, Aunt M, cousin T, her husband M and I went back to my parents to finish off the wine and play Apples to Apples.  Such a fun game, and I snuck a few pictures in:

Mid-action shot
T & M
Having fun

On Monday, we got up bright and early (well, early for us Coloradians) and headed over to meet up with T & M to drive back to Raleigh.  They just bought a new house too, so I was excited to get a few pictures for them:

Gorgeous staircase as you walk in the front door
So jealous of this tub!
Gorgeous little details

So as you can see, S and I had a weekend full of family, fun and food.  What more could you ask for during a long weekend!

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