The things my husband does for me

Like… participate in a photo-shoot for a card to send out to our friends and family to give them our new address (but besides, who really doesn’t love getting pictures taken!).

The finished product

We had a friend (we randomly met on a plane ride back from my cousin’s wedding in May) come down with her husband, take some pictures and have a beer (or in the girls’ case: Margaritas!) this past Sunday afternoon. After the shoot, we ended up sitting around talking and getting to know her, her husband and their friend better.  We really appreciated the time they took out of their busy Sunday (they had tickets to the Broncos/Steelers game) to help us out!  And we got some great shots!

The photo-collage was inspired by the one I saw over at E, Myself and I (sans adorable puppy). To check out some more of her work (she does portraits and equine pictures – GORGEOUS!), head on over to her Facebook site.

Some other pictures from the photo-shoot:

She also caught a few sweet moments of us with our kitties:

Aren’t her eyes just gorgeous!!
Dad, really, you can put me down now.

And since I haven’t really put a nice picture up of the house, here’s one that I took:

Gorgeous in the morning light


  1. Love the house! The photos are great too. I need to get some help taking pictures of our house.

    See you soon!

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