Some new updates

I’ve started working on our Christmas stockings again… I figure if I start now I should definitely have them finished by Thanksgiving (although they’re all I’m putting my spare energy into, so they may be finished by Friday, lol).  They are looking sooo good – picture definitely to come when they’re finished!

I’ve also decided to do the Jingle Bell Run – 5k in Denver on Dec 12.  This gives me time to do the Couch to 5k program and maybe even work on my times for it.  I did just get new running shoes over the weekend, so I’m ready to do this!  I grew up watching people do the Jingle Bell Run and always loved the name.  I looked it up at home, thinking maybe I could do it there when we head home for Christmas, but it’s the 11th.  Oh well – doing it here is just as good!  When I officially enroll, I’ll put a link up here in case anyone would like to donate.

I wish I was able to post about the other exciting things I bought today, but I can’t because they’ll ruin surprises.  I’m soooo stoked about S’s birthday present (his birthday’s next Monday) and can’t wait for it to arrive.  It shipped today, with a delivery date of Monday, so here’s hoping it actually comes on time!  Don’t worry, pictures will come!  I also have to pick up the more thoughtful part of his present… I definitely wouldn’t call it the fun part of the present.

I did, however, purchase a large Vera Bradley duffel bag to use for the short trips that are coming up (end of Oct and Thanksgiving).


Fulfills my obsession with birds (they’re there, promise) and I got it a little cheaper than in the stores through ebay (not to mention no sales tax!).  I also bought a cute little owl ring and some other earrings for cheap from Charlotte Russe.  I shouldn’t have spent the money, but I needed a bit of retail therapy this morning.

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