RAW(e): Girly

So I’m quite a few days late in posting this week’s RAW(e), but I had to take some time to think about what I was going to do.  While I have tons of pictures of our niece from FL, I thought I would do what girly means in my life.  And that is this:

I use most of this every morning.  UV hair protectant and detangler, root booster, blush brush, eyelash curler – you get the idea.  Ever since I met S, I’ve taken the extra time to make sure I look good for him.  It’s hard to believe that as little as 5 years ago, I was a pretty simple girl, who took 15 minutes to get ready (thanks super fine hair!)  Now that’s not to say I’m high maintenance, but I do take an extra 15 minutes to really do my hair and makeup.  Makes me feel more put together!

So head on over to Sailor & Co and link up with what you think is Girly!


  1. What a cool shot. Very girly!

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