Photo Roulette Friday: 2(6)

So, I’m not following the rules exactly this week, since folder 2 is a folder full of folders, I chose folder 6(6), which is from my trip to Breckenridge in June.

I’ve finally started using my external hard drive to store pictures, and so my archiving system is all over the place – a mix of places, events and dates (for example: Holidays, Florida2010 and July2010, just to name a few.  I really should spend some time arranging things better.

But onto the picture!

I was walking around one afternoon during the workshop and stumbled upon this adorable little church.  I just love the red doors against the yellow siding – all set with a backdrop of gorgeous bright blue skies.  And notice the reflection in the upper windows of the trees and blue skies behind me (something I didn’t notice until after I had taken the picture).

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