Party wrapup with menu and Sangria recipe

On Saturday, S and I held our housewarming party.  We shopped, straightened, cleaned and decorated for 2 days, and the house looked amazing!  I should’ve gotten some pictures of the updated look, but was so zoned in on making sure everything was in its rightful place that it slipped my mind.  We ended up putting up our diplomas in the office, a picture above the kitchen sink that I got at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago and two other pieces of art in the hallway upstairs.

The first guests showed up right after 5 pm, and the last one left right before midnight.  At one point we must’ve had nearly 40-50 people there, from all aspects of our life in CO: my work, S’s current job and former job, people we’ve met through other friends, friends of mine from undergrad who are out here for school and sorority sisters.  Everyone talked, ate, drank, and had a fantastic time (plus, we scored some nice bottles of wine and other goodies – which was unnecessary but we’re extremely grateful!)

I did manage to snap this of some of our food though (before the pasta salad and BBQ were put out):

Since we had such a wide variety of eaters (although no Vegans, I don’t believe), we had to carefully plan our menu to make sure that there was something for everyone.  Here was our party menu:

  • BBQ with buns and sauces (Costco sells an amazing kind, surprisingly.  It’s the Kirkland’s brand… mmmmmm)
  • Pasta salad – S’s recipe (Rotini pasta, Ken’s Italian dressing, the salad seasoning that I think McCormicks does, and a wide variety of veggies: broccoli, peppers, olives, cucumbers)
  • Cheddar and brie, with a variety of crackers
  • Grapes (can’t have cheese and crackers without the grapes!)
  • Edamame
  • Rockfish with crackers
  • Spinach and feta dip we found at Costco with Pita Chips (a locally made dip that was out for sample)
  • Cheesecake and chocolate chip cookies

I also made a Sangria that S’s sister G told us how to make… and it was soooo yummy!

  • One large bottle Sangria mix (you can find it in liquor stores… it’s kind of like wine, but with a citrus flavor to it)
  • Flavored vodka (I went with Stolli Blackberry)
  • Triple Sec/Contreau/Grand Marnier (we went with the latter)
  • Fruit – frozen or fresh (we went with apples and a frozen pack of berries)

In a pitcher, pour the whole bottle of Sangria mix.  If you get the large bottle, then while counting slowly to 6, pour in the vodka, and then while counting slowly to 3 pour in the Grand Marnier (otherwise, pour to 3 and 2 respectively).  Finish off with fruit.  It went pretty quick, and we didn’t have another bottle of Sangria mix, so I used a bottle of red wine we had on hand.  Since it wasn’t sweetened with the citrus flavors, I used a little more of the Grand Marnier than in the first batch, but it turned out tasty too.  Mmmmmmmm. 

We had a great time, and enjoyed the company immensely!  Our poor little kitties were less than thrilled about all the commotion, but they came around after everyone left.

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