New project

This past weekend was the first weekend since the beginning of the month that I haven’t had somewhere to be.  So we tackled a couple of small projects to get the house even more prepared for S’s mom and her best friend to come in on Saturday.

When we moved in, there was this closet upstairs that had no purpose.  It was pretty much like this, except no washer/dryer hookups, and no shelf:


What were we going to do with it?!
We already have a linen closet upstairs (which is kinda small, but for right now, it’s workable), so we didn’t need to install shelves.  Besides, the dimensions from the edge of the door frame to the walls on the right and left was about 4 inches, so it would’ve just been shelves on the back wall – and the closet’s just over three feet deep.

While our master bedroom closet is a walk-in, it’s not really that big.  It’s big enough for me, but not enough for the two of us.  So S has been shunned to the office closet down the hall.  Until I suggested we turn the unusable hall closet into his own master closet.  My dad has it at home, and has worked for him for the last 15 years, so I thought it might be a nice option for S.

So the day after our housewarming party, we made the trek down to Denver to go to a couple of furniture stores as well as the Container Store to look at their Elfa shelving (plus, they’re having a sale!  Score!).  We spent a good 25-30 minutes with the shelving guy, and designed S a closet of his own.  The original design gave him 6 ft of hanging space as well as a drawer.  So Saturday morning after our bike ride S pulled out the tools and got to work setting it up.

An hour later – this is the final product:

Plenty of hanging room for shirts and a place for the kitties to hide his pants.  The drawer now holds his undershirts and socks.  All that’s left are a few hooks to go on the right and left walls for ties and belts, a basket for dirty clothes and a mirror on the back of the door so he can make sure he’s looking like his handsome self!

I also put together the teak planters for the front porch, but I’ll wait til we get some fall flowers in them to show those off.  Our new shower curtain came in yesterday (Thanks sister!!!), so that’ll go up tonight!!

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