Friday Five: 24 September

Welcome to the first fall edition of Friday Five, and the last one for the month of September.  I can’t believe October is almost here!  That means S’s birthday is right around the corner, as well as other fun fall festivities!  So what’s been going on in my world this week?

1. My poor little Haley has a bad tooth.  She likes to chew on my toothbrush sometimes (when I’m brushing my teeth… she’s a weirdo) and I noticed it Tuesday.  I took her to the vet on Wednesday morning and they wanted me to leave her, but I just wasn’t mentally prepared to leave her.  Plus, we were supposed to do a Boulder breweries bike tour that night, and I would not be able to leave her.  So I take her back on Tuesday to have it taken out (or maybe it’s just an infection in her gum and it’ll all be ok).  Send prayers and good thoughts for strength for me… she’s my little girl, and I don’t want to do this to her, but I know I have to.

2. Last night, we went up to Ft Collins to hang out with a friend of mine from college who was celebrating her birthday.  She ordered in Maryland Blue Crabs to share with her friends, and she invited S and I up!  We had a blast, and enjoyed what is usually a once-a-year (and never in CO) affair on an amazing first night of fall!  Good conversation and good food and drink – no better way to celebrate!

Yummy yummy!
With her birthday cheesecake – complete with candles!

3. This week turned around pretty well after Tuesday’s falling apart.  I’ve been able to make headway with results for our paper at work, and get a good grade on my second case study assignment for school.

4. This weekend looks to be pretty relaxing, even though we have dinner plans for Saturday night and I have a shopping trip with my college friends from Ft Collins.  It’s nice to get a little break in, before the craziness that is October starts.  Besides, who doesn’t like a nice shopping trip with the girls at the beginning of a new season!

5. S and I are beginning to think about our Halloween costumes, now that we have some concrete plans for that weekend.  But, we’re kinda clueless.  Last year, we went as Bill and Sookie from True Blood.  We threw it together completely last minute.  But this year we have some time.  So… any suggestions?  I’d like to do a couple costume, but doesn’t have to be.

Our costumes last year (from a cell phone – so sorry bad quality!)

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