Friday Five: 17 September

Oy vey!  What a week it’s been at my house.  Where to start?

1. I’m in a major nesting mode – with no baby in sight (and yes, I can 100% say that).  I want to change things there, add little decorative things here… It’s getting out of control!  Last night, S and I went to Walmart to get a cooler for our party tomorrow night, and ended up spending $110.  On what?!  Some of it was necessity… other was, I want our house to smell like fall… and this candle is cheap, and that reed diffuser is even cheaper.  ::sigh::  But it’s all coming together, and I’ve spent about 60% of my fall decorating budget already, and I haven’t touched the outside yet (other than a wreath).

And on a completely different, but nesting note, I also want to decorate the bathroom I featured in the well read wreath post in vintage birds.  Isn’t this shower curtain too adorable (and, it’ll brighten up the bathroom and coordinate well with the wreath – and it’s on clearance for $19.99!!!!!)


2. The never-ending saga of new appliances continues.  We ended up cancelling the order of appliances I showed because LG kept pushing the delivery date back (we ordered these things back in July for goodness sakes.. and we would be looking at an October delivery).  So we bought GEs.  Quick turnaround and they were delivered this week… but none of them could be fully installed due to either the cabinets being crooked (ok, it’s just a trim piece, but still) or a tile backsplash or the wrong adapter for the gasline into the stove.  After we sanded the cabinet down, the dishwasher now shuts.  The microwave is supposedly being installed today, and the stove doesn’t fit.  But we’re hoping the installers today can do some miracle work and get it in there.

3. I got my first assignment back in school, and I did pretty well.  A 56/60.  I wasn’t happy with it though, and I’m sure many will yell at me for being upset about it.  I’ve got a lot to learn with this new formatting (I’ve been using the same citation and writing style for the last 10 years!  It’s so hard to just switch), but once I get it down, I think I’ll do better.  School is much harder and more stressful than I thought it was going to be.  I don’t envy the people who work a full time job, take more than one class *and* have children.  No way.

4. S has been sick all week.  Whenever we travel back east and come back, he always gets a cold or a sinus infection or whatever it is.  Since I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cutoff for the last two weeks, I only got it slightly.  I’m thinking he’s gonna have to push the vitamin c before we head east at the end of October.

5. Tomorrow is a big day.  Not only is it housewarming party day, but it’s also get my hair done day!  I’m so ready for it, because it’s been about two months  now (we were out of town then my stylist was out of town… yuck).  I’m thinking of getting all over color and going dark.  Here’s me now (most recent one I could find without booting up my other computer):

 From our engagement session back a year and a half ago:

And from the same session, but the picture is edited and darkened, but I like the look, so this is what I’m thinking:

Ok, maybe it’s not that much darker than my original hair color, but I like it.  I know my mom would love it.  Anyone have an opinion? 

Hope you all have a great weekend, and hopefully I’ll have some pictures to post on Monday of our housewarming party as well as some of the fall decorations I’ve been working on!

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