What a year!

Sunday was S’s and my first anniversary.  It’s so hard to believe that today a year ago we were on our ways to the Bahamas for our honeymoon… the weekend of love and celebration over.

So what did we do to commemorate the event?

We went down to Colorado Springs on Friday afternoon and checked into our adorable little B&B: The Holden House (which is another of my 101/1001!)

Our room was the top left window, and it was so cute with all of its Victorian charm:

 After we had driven two hours, checked in and socialized briefly, we needed something for dinner!  We decided to be semi-nostalgic and go to the Greek restaurant in town to reminisce about our rehearsal dinner spot… but that was a bad idea.  The food was generally horrible, and we spent way too much money to have food that we didn’t enjoy.  But afterward, we walked around the little town (Old Colorado City), popped into a few shops,  stopped at the only liquor store nearby and enjoyed the nice soaking tub.  I was completely out by 9 pm (hey, I worked hard last week!) and S watched a movie he found in the sitting room downstairs.

On Saturday morning we woke up to amazing scents… coffee and breakfast cooking!  The staff at the Holden House had fixed us amazing omelets – potatoes, cheese, ham… mmmmMmmm.  After we stuffed ourselves, we had planned to go up Pike’s Peak, but turns out to take the cog railway up it was $33 a person, and to just drive the road it was $10 a person.  If we weren’t closing on the house next week, we wouldn’t have thought twice, but that’s just money we couldn’t justify.  So we went to the next best place… Garden of the Gods (which is free, by the way!).  This time, we drove through the park, but have plans to return and bike through it so we can both really enjoy the scenery.  We did stop at the visitor center (where I picked up a postcard for our postcard book) and took a picture:

We had a nice little lunch on our way back in town, S watched a move while I took a nice little nap, then we walked around the neighborhood that surrounded the B&B.  While we were out, we ended up heading to dinner, and got caught in a rainstorm on the walk back.  It was like a scene from a movie!  We enjoyed the rain from the front porch of an abandoned church and once it let up, we headed back. Tired, a bit sore and set, I decided to take advantage of the tub again.

Sunday was our actual anniversary, and we had breakfast delivered up to our room.  Then we walked the 12 blocks (!!) back to Old Colorado City to rent bikes.  I ended up actually buying a bike (more to come in a subsequent post) and we spent the afternoon biking around and looking at the adorable houses in the neighborhood.  We got back to the room, showered and got ready for our dinner out.  And, not to mention how adorable S was… I was about to walk down to get some water from the B&B kitchen when he turned on the song we danced to and we danced right there in the middle of the suite… squeaky floor and all.  It was amazingly romantic!!!  As we checked out of the B&B, we took some pictures:

and one of the two inn-kitties waved goodbye to us through the mail slot:

(speaking of the inn-kitties… they were too cute and each of them spent a different evening with us in our room.  They made it much easier to leave Haley and Bella for the couple of days).

We headed out to the Mona Lisa fondue restaurant in Manitou Springs, CO and they gave us a cute little dessert to commemorate our anniversary:

 After dinner, we drove home, even though we had planned to stay there again.  The idea of getting up at 5 to shower and hit the road by 6 and then having to sit in Denver traffic then Boulder traffic was not my idea of fun.  Besides, I had forgotten to bring the dvd of our wedding ceremony, so it gave us a chance to get home and watch it.  So, I’m hoping to have started a new tradition last night… watching our wedding video and toasting to another year with the champagne flutes we toasted with at our reception.

We had a great first anniversary, and I’m looking forward to the many years to come.  The only sad thing that comes with celebrating your first anniversary is that you’re no longer newlyweds!


  1. Sounds like it was the perfect anniversary weekend. And don’t worry, some definitions say you’re considered newlyweds up to 5 years! =)

  2. What a great weekend! Congratulations! And your dress was GORGEOUS!

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