Three more complete!

Here’s a rundown of the things I’ve completed, and the progress I made on others over the weekend:

1. Stay at a bed and breakfast – complete.  For more info and pictures on that, see my previous post.

2. Eat three things I’ve never tried before – complete.  On Sunday afternoon, I decided to be brave and try the elk chili that has won numerous awards.  So that in conjunction with the ostrich and boar I had last weekend, I finished that task!  The verdict on it all?  I didn’t hate any of it.  But I’m not sure if I would order it straight out, but I wouldn’t avoid it if I was served it on a buffet or something.  As far as the elk chili went… I couldn’t tell if it was the flavor of the elk or if it was the spices that I didn’t love.  I guess it may require another go at some point.

And for those of you who are food skeptics and don’t really go outside of your box:  These aren’t foods that will make you cringe.  They’re not nearly as wild as they sound, and are pretty safe experiments.

3. Buy a bike – complete. Ok, so this totally wasn’t planned, and I sort of felt bad because we are buying the house, but it was too good of a deal to pass up. 

This bike had been bought by the wife of a guy who works in the shop we were renting bikes from.  It was custom ordered and measured to fit her, but when she got it, she rode it two blocks and didn’t like it.  So it sat in the store and kept getting marked down.  
I’ve always been drawn to the cruiser type bikes, but with S wanting to do some trail riding, I knew I needed something a little sturdier.  After testing a road bike first (ugh! not for me!), I had to have that bike. 

It’s an italian “cafe racer” cruiser bike… it has hand brakes and 3 gears, which is a bit different than the typical one speed, pedal brake cruisers.  It’s one of the two colors I’ve been drawn to (the vintage sea-foam green) and fits me perfectly!  I did try out a couple of other bikes… a traditional Schwinn beach cruiser and a hybrid road/mountain bike.  The guy in the store recommended riding three bikes, and he was right… 3 was just enough to let me realize that I liked this one too much.

So I couldn’t resist.  Now I just need to get a basket (on the front or luggage rack on the back… haven’t decided yet) and a helmet and I’m good to go for work commutes!  Here are a few pictures:

4. Another random act of kindness done.  There were a group of ladies outside work on Friday who were taking turns taking pictures.  So I offered to take pictures for them.  They were extremely grateful and even tried to get me in a picture since I’m a scientist who works here (I politely declined).

5. Another “I saw this and thought of you” gift bought.  In Old Colorado City there was a “general store” that had a section just for hot sauce, and in that collection was a Dr. Pepper brand BBQ sauce.  So I bought one… for my mom.  She’s a Dr. Pepper fanatic, so hopefully she’ll like this.  I can picture it going well on a nice grilled chicken breast!

And, I found the “page break” function.  Pretty sweet (and will keep my long posts from taking up the majority of the page)!!


  1. Love the bike, it’s too cute! Post pics when you get the basket. 😀

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