So much going on!!

This last week has been absolutely insane!!  Not only did we close on our house, but we packed up the apartment, had some stuff done at the house, got in a minor fender bender, moved, cleaned, visited, shopped and unpacked until Monday morning rolled around again.  I’m going to do a modified version of my Friday Five (which I did start, and is sitting in drafts, but  this will be much more fun!).

And, as a disclaimer, this is probably going to be pretty long, considering most of my recent posts have been the photo blog hops instead of actual posts.

Where to begin… let’s start after my last actual post (pictures are way below of certain things… and pictures of the house will hopefully come tomorrow if I can get around to taking some tonight):

1. Our floors are absolutely gorgeous!  The floor refinishers did a fantastic job, and the carpets looked nice too.  It seems as though the carpet cleaners didn’t get all of the dog smell out (and I did ask for deodorizer), so we’re going to have to try something else to comfort Bella a little bit more.  She hasn’t taken to the move very well at all, and basically refuses to be anywhere on the carpet down in the living area.  S is going to pick up some Febreze after work today, so we’ll see if that helps.  Haley is just prancing around like she’s owned the place, which makes me a little more comfortable. 

2. I’m going to have my first, if not second and third, professional publication coming up soon!  I got an email Tuesday night from my boss laying out the things we need to do.  It’s so exciting, and I’ve been busting my tail getting the images my boss wants perfect.  I’ve been thriving on the work/moving stress!

3. On Wednesday night, after spending a little bit of time at the house checking in on the floors, we got into a fender bender as we backed out of the driveway.  Yes… the new driveway.  Not the best way to enter the neighborhood.  But, the guy was nice enough and no one was hurt.  The cars will just take a new paint job.  Thank goodness for insurance 🙂

4. Mom got in Thursday morning instead of Wednesday night, due to her flight being canceled from Dulles to DIA.  It was really frustrating, and S and I were afraid we were going to have to put in full work days and pack the apartment and meet all the people doing things, but she made it in and she absolutely love the house.  We wish she could’ve stayed longer, but we know we would not be as close to unpacked as we are, and things would’ve been thrown in random boxes if it weren’t for her.  We are forever grateful for her help!!!

5. Thursday night we went by the hospital to meet little Ryker Sean, the son of our friends D&M whose baby shower I went to a few weeks ago.  He’s just the cutest little thing… and already a pain in his momma’s side, as he went from breech, to right, then back to breech.  But mommy, daddy and baby are all doing well and are home as of Sunday.  Here are the few pictures I got of them:

 We’re going to enjoy watching this little guy grow up!!

6. On Saturday, mom and I went over to the new house to wait for the appliance guys to get there to install our new washer and dryer (the others will come whenever they get off backorder – grrr).  They came early (which was a first!) and then mom and I went to get stuff for the kitties – litter, food, toys and treats – as well as other things that we needed from Target that we ran out of right before the move (I cannot tell you how happy I was to not have to pack that little bit of shampoo or body wash!).  Here’s a picture of the washer and dryer (albeit a little dark and poor quality… cell phones in basement aren’t the best).

And, let me just say… I’m in LOVE!!!!!!!

7.  After unpacking and getting the living room and bedroom arranged so it was an easier transition for the kitties, we went to pick them up.  Also happened that the Rockies were home again, and the guy who stands outside our apartment building selling peanuts and candy was there.  S wanted me to get a picture with him, since we’ve been listening to him give his spiel for the last 15 months (“Nuts and candy, $1 peanuts, they’re $3.25 in the stands. $1 bottled water, they’re $3.75 inside.  $2 bags of pistachios”).  So I jumped up on his cooler, and he started his chant while mom took a picture:

Then I started cracking up, and he started cracking up… and this is what you saw:

So, as you can see, we’ve been really busy.  But, it’s been a great week, and we’re both ready to start making memories in our new house!!

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