RAW(e): Green

I had so much fun last week with the Vintage theme from Sailor & Company‘s RAW(e) theme.  This week’s theme is a bit different, and can be left wide open for interpretation.  Before I went out shooting different things (since I’ve been super pressed for time due to the move), I looked through my existing pictures and found this one that I’m submitting as my green: An aspen tree against a white picket fence:

Head on over to Sailor & Company with your green and link up!


  1. what a lovely shot!

  2. Love the shot. Very cool =]

  3. what a nice shot!

  4. Looks beautiful. Aspen tress are so nice. I love the contrast of the green and white.

  5. This is definitely beautiful. I love the look of any greenery on fences.

  6. Thanks to all for your compliments… they mean a lot!

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