New to-do’s, that aren’t going on the list

It seems that ever since moving into the new house (well, going under contract for that matter) has completely fogged my mind and I can think about nothing other than exciting new things to do with it.  And, since my work load is much lower than last week, I have quite a bit of time to think about different things I want to do.  It sort of goes along with my 101/1001 list… but aren’t included.

The first thing that I thought of today is sort of inspired by my 365 day photo challenge, which I’ve decided I’m starting Jan 1, 2011.  Why?  Because of this:  I want to create a book for each year that summarizes the things S and I do.  Since I bought the new camera back in April, I’ve really been taking more pictures (some are for blog challenges, others are just to get used to taking good shots with the camera).  Seeing as though we’re in a digital age, photo albums, at least in our house, are becoming has-beens.  I can think of one that we have in the house, and 3 others that are sitting in my parent’s basement, and that’s it.  My parents have about 20.  I don’t want to have to pull out the computer to show off my pictures, so I’m going to start creating photo books every year, using the same company I used to create our wedding book: Blurb.  If you’re interested in just what exactly you can do with this site, check out the online version of our wedding album.  I’m excited to actually start doing this, and even though we’re just over 4 months away from 2011 (Holy cow, really?!?!), I’m excited to start getting it together.

In other thoughts of the day, I need to put this disclaimer out there: I have no patience.  I know it, and I begrudgingly embrace it.  I do a lot of research, and then hold on til S says it’s ok.  It takes a lot of self control, but I’m proud of myself for being less impulsive.  I’m much better than I used to be, but I still have a long way to go.  And I know, many of you will say to take my time, and I will, I promise.  But little improvements and additions will be made every so often!
So even though the house is in immaculate shape, and we really have no major issues to deal with, I’ve really been trying to figure out what types of changes we can do that won’t be too expensive, nor time consuming.  There are a few things that I’ve really been thinking about.

1. This mess in the back, as well as other external spruce ups (pictures taken while we were looking at the house):

We really need a nice little patio/deck for some grilling, and for people to hang out on while grilling.  Not to mention the red mulch HAS TO GO.  And, those drain pipes… well, you get the idea.  Our property goes to the rocks, so there’s some room for a pretty decent space.  Then, there’s the landscaping that will need to be done around it.

And, there’s the front.  Right where the “For Sale” sign is what appears to be dead bush of some sort and a hole where something had been removed. That needs to be fixed, as well as other things trimmed back.  Also, there was a cute little flower box on the front porch which I secretly hoped the previous owner would leave behind.  But since he didn’t, I’m on the hunt for either directions on how to make cute boxes, or where to buy cheap ones so I can have plants on either side of our stairs as well as the wicker chair we have on the deck (which now I’m thinking about painting white… oh help me!)

So while the patio/deck and mulch removal will have to wait til next summer, the other things may be able to be fixed soon.  It also helps that there’s a garden center just down the street who are having sales right now!  I even bought a book at Borders yesterday about the best types of plants and flowers for Colorado.

2. Wall art. We have our living room that has a huge empty wall, the stairs up to the 2nd floor as well as various places throughout the house that need art.  In our apartment, we had the bare minimums – a picture my grandfather painted the year before he passed away, a painting my great-grandmother did in our dining room, some cross-stitches that S’s grandmother did in the bathroom… but none of which will go in those spaces.

I’ve always really been inspired by wall collages, like these:

Just one example

I have a feeling that in order to pull something like that off, I’m going to get really friendly with etsy and flea markets for picture frames.

In other house related news, I did get some pictures last night of the house with our things in it, but I wasn’t really happy with the way a lot of them turned out, so I’m going to get some more pictures this weekend.  Stay tuned!


  1. I love wall collages, but I like them to look neater and uniform (just a personal preference). I bought this system at Michaels. All the frames are the same, but it comes with a to-size template for the collage so all you have to do is level the template and screw where the template is marked…you don’t have to measure and level each frame individually

  2. I freaking love your engagement and wedding photos. I love the style they are done in. I love my photos as well, they are just done in a traditional style and I guess yours is more modern? I love them! I totally agree with you about the photo albums too… I use to be really into scrapbooking but I like doing the albums online and making coffee table books as them. I feel they’ll last longer. Good luck with the new house!

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