My saving grace(s)

So with all of the fun new and exciting things coming up for S and I (new house, moving, school starting up and various trips), there are a few things that I rely on to keep me sane and moving.  What are they?

I know I took a picture a few weeks ago of my coffee and planner, but there are a few other things that keep me going and organized.

First, allergy meds.  I don’t know what’s out here that hates me (cottonwoods, maybe?), but something does, and I’ve resorted to taking an allergy pill every morning.  And it’s funny, because my morning sneezes remind me that it’s time to take it (and it’s usually at about 9:15 am).  And I know the days I forget to take it, because I’m watery eyed and sneezy and headachy and stuffy… you get the idea.   Thank you Costco for making a year’s supply only $15. 

Next, I don’t know what I would do without my coffee.  This morning, since I chose to sleep in the extra 15 minutes, I had to resort to Starbuck’s iced coffee via.  It’s pretty good for instant coffee and pretty strong, so drinkers beware.  But I’ll take it in any form… just don’t expect me to be able to put together any coherent thoughts before that morning cup.

My phone… of course.  I feel lately that I’m attached to it more than ever, because if I’m not calling this company or that to get ready for the move, then S is calling me to tell me what he’s finished, or I’m getting emails.

My planner.  It is my saving grace.  After I saw the movie 27 Dresses, I knew I had to have one.  There was something about her attachment to her filofax that made me have to have one too.  It goes back to that list thing… I love having a central location to write things down and cross things off, and I have to write things down like meetings and events, otherwise I know I’ll double book myself.  I know my phone has those capabilities, but it’s not as easy (in my opinion) to go back and see what all you’ve accomplished in a phone as it is in a planner.  And, I’ve had this one for two years now, and it’s getting really broken in.  I love it.

And finally, where would a girl be without her Burt’s Bees?  Best chapstick ever, and goodness knows you need it out here.

What are the things that get you through your days and weeks?


  1. I need a smaller planner that I can carry everywhere. I had these larger ones, and I just stopped using them. 🙁

  2. I love this post! I’m like you with the planner, but I keep mine all on my iPhone. I have purchased several paper planners the past couple years and they remain virtually blank. But, I do agree, there’s just something about a hard-copy planner!

  3. I’m also noticing that you can’t live without highlighters. Is there a secret code for each color or something? =P

  4. @Suki – mine is actually pretty small and fits inside most handbags. I bought it from daytimers a couple of years ago (wasn’t cheap, but has totally paid for itself now).

    @katie – yeah, I’m still not important enough to really fill it out, but I’m working on it!

    @holly – well, the highlighter thing was a recent addition (like yesterday)… orange is the trip we’re taking this weekend, yellow is important reminders, purple is birthdays.

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