He that has a house to put’s head in has a good head-piece. ~William Shakespeare, King Lear

esterday was closing day!!!!!  The whole process went by so fast, even though I thought it would never come (sounds eerily familiar to wedding planning…)

First thing yesterday, we went over to the house to have our pre-closing walk-through.  For any of you who are soon to buy a house, make sure you can do this… it’s just a check to make sure that things that you asked for the seller to fix (in our case… the Radon mitigation tube, replace a window spring and replace the flue cap).  As we pulled up, this is what we saw:

Everything was done, and the house looked great (although there are holes all in the living room wall from where he took down his really cool art stuff) and ready for us to move in!

From there, we went to closing, which went so much quicker and smoother than I ever thought.  Everyone I knew, from friends to coworkers, told me how long closing would take, how much I’d sign my name, and if you didn’t dress appropriately, the closing lawyer would talk down to you (I dressed business casual, even though I took the whole day off).  Our closing was 30 minutes, if even that.  The lawyer was incredibly nice, and the guy who sold us the house is super cool.  From what S said, it went a lot quicker because the seller was at closing 30 minutes before us to get his side of things taken care of.

After saying goodbye to our buyer’s agent, we headed back to Denver, loaded up the car with all of our hanging clothes and went to lunch.  S headed on to work to unload his books in his new office, while I went to the house to meet the guys who were refinishing our floors and put our clothes in the closets.  I sat on our new front porch the entire day (even though it got into the upper 80’s… that’s what a north facing porch will do for you!), working through my puzzle book.  The neighborhood is so quiet and peaceful… butterflies were flying around in our flowers and bunnies kept hopping by in the green space in front of our house.

We still have a few things left to do before the house is ready to be moved into… we had the guys come back this morning to put the final coat of polyurethane down (and the floors already looked brand new this morning… I can’t wait to see them tonight!), my mom comes in tonight to help pack, clean and move, and we’re having the carpets cleaned tomorrow.  The movers are coming early Saturday, and we’re having our washer/dryer delivered and installed as well as DirecTV installed on Saturday.  It’s a really busy couple of days, and I’m already exhausted.  But it’s totally worth it!!!!!

S locking up for the first time
It’s ours!!!!!

The first big thing on the list is complete!!!!


  1. Bunnies!

  2. Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you!

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