Friday Five: 6 August

So I wrote this Thursday, so that when Friday rolls around, all I have to do is log-in and post.  Hooray for another weekend away!!

1. On Tuesday night, S and I ate at restaurant number 5: HBurger Co.  It’s on the 16th Street Mall and opened within the last 6 months or so.  It’s usually busy when we walk by, and figured that we’d give it a shot.  The summary of our visit: great food, less than great service.  As the hostess sat us, she said that she’d be right back with some waters for us, and 10 minutes later our waiter came by and asked us what we wanted for drinks.  Fine, whatever.  We ordered their zucchini fries (mmmMmmm) and we each had a quarter pound burger with fries… mine with guac and pepperjack cheese, S’s with bacon and american.  The buns were nice and lightly toasted, and were airy, and the burgers were nice and juicy, even though we ordered them medium-well.  My biggest complaint was this:  I want my drink tended to.  I don’t want to have to slurp my drink 4 or 5 times to get someone’s attention.  The manager even came by, asked how our food was, then walked away.  A good manager would’ve noticed our drinks were low.  I spent most of the meal on empty, and that’s just not pleasant to me.  And, S ended up getting a headache because it was pretty smoky inside.  After it was all said and done, we decided we would go back again, but ask to sit outside and not expect good, fast service.  Or, maybe we just got a dud.

2. *WARNING – RANT* I don’t know what the deal with this week has been, but man traffic has been the absolute PITS!!!!!!  I know I’ve been getting really excited to move next week, but knowing that I won’t have to drive THAT ROAD makes me so incredibly happy I can barely contain myself.  Let me just explain this week to you:

Monday it took 30 minutes to go one half mile because someone didn’t put their trailer on the back of their truck correctly.  And it fell off.  In the middle of rush hour.  Thank goodness I was on the bus and not driving it.
Tuesday it took me an hour and a half to get home.  On a good day, it’s 25-30 minutes.  Usually, it’s about 45.  The only other time my commutes are longer than an hour are when there’s a really bad accident or snow.  I don’t know what was going on Tuesday… but it was bumper to bumper from the second I got on the highway to the second I pulled into my apartment’s garage.
Wednesday there was an accident in the morning, and an accident in the evening.  Both resulting in hour commutes.
Thursday morning, while there was still traffic, it was the normal volume and it was back to the 45 minute commute.  I’m almost to the point of sleeping on an air mattress in the new house so I can avoid that darn commute. *RANT OVER*

3. In happier news, I ordered my book for class!!  I’m so excited to start this new journey!  Only 25 days til classes start! It’s going to be a new experience anyway, because I’ve never done the online thing before.  But I’m really excited about it!

4. We have had storms every day here this week, and it’s been kind of refreshing.  There’s just something about the heavy rains that wash everything off and make things clean and green again.  Too bad it can’t rain inside our garage and wash off the vomit that was waiting for me this morning as I walked out.  But at least my car gets a nice bath, since she’s sitting on the street until we take possession of the house.

5. My sister is out to visit this weekend!!  S, J and I are meeting up with P (for who they are, see About Me) for a weekend visiting my father-in-law in Vegas.  It’ll be a really fun trip, and I’m excited to see everyone!  Plus, it means I won’t have to pack this weekend 😉

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