Friday Five: 17 August

Happy Friday to everyone!  What a week it’s been here for me… and I’m sure for a lot of others out there, since most schools that I know started back up (not only colleges, but high schools all over the country too).

1. S and I bought a new car last Friday.  I was hesitant to say anything, because we just bought the house, but I’ve been such a nervous wreck driving my old car (and had a panic attack at 70 mph on the highway last week while driving said car) that S had had enough, and off to the dealorship we went.  I got a great value for my Mazda, and drove off with a 2010 Honda Civic Hybrid (clearance priced too – YES!).  Here she is, sitting in the parking lot at work:

I’ve had a blast driving her, and so far I’m up to 450 miles on this tank.  Yay for 48 mpg!!!  

2. Early Tuesday morning, I was woken up by severe lower abdominal pain – that actually made me whimper.  I figured it was just gas pain, so I went back to sleep and went to work like normal, although I had this lingering ache in my girly region that felt just like menstrual cramps.  No biggie – I’ve been dealing with that for about 16 years now.  So Wednesday morning, as I’m getting lunch and everything together, the pain comes back – but so bad I’m doubled over.  Happens three more times that morning, and I decide I’m going to the doctor.  After some not fun tests, I was diagnosed with kidney stones.  So the rest of the week has been pushing fluid (and I love water… but I’ve had about ENOUGH!) and visiting our new bathrooms as frequently as I can.  I think I’m towards the end of it, based on where the pains were this morning.  
3. I got it in my head on Tuesday to make deck planters to put on our front porch.  So I searched online for awhile to find the perfect pattern – and when I didn’t, I got to work on drawing my own plans.  My first attempt ended up being wrong, but I finally got the second ones right.  After speccing it out, pricing lumber at Home Depot and Lowes, I realized I wouldn’t REALLY be saving much money, other than shipping, to make them myself.  Thanks to my mom’s suggestion, I went to and found planters there. 

I’m going to get some white paint and sealant to make sure they’re good for the outdoors.  Not to mention it only cost $2.95 to ship two of them (plus a cool tree collage and a flower collage to try for our living room). 

4. Our appliances are still on backorder.  They’re now saying September 10 for delivery.  It’s a good thing we hadn’t put our appliances on Craigslist yet.  But it’s ok – good things come to those who wait!

5. School officially starts on Monday!!!  I can actually log into my class today, so I’m going to check out the syllabus and see what assignments there are and such.  I also got my school email set up and my tuition reimbursement from work.  This is so exciting, and a bit nerve-wracking because it’s a completely new format of education for me.  Wish me luck!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!  S and I are taking our bikes out on our first real trail ride tomorrow morning.  I hope to get some pictures from that!


  1. Saw your #5 and was wondering what kind of degree you’re actually going for, and from where. I’ve been considering more school, and it sounds like I’m leaning towards something focused on management, also.

    Nice car, too! How did I know it would be a Honda? 😉

  2. LOVE your new car 🙂 Mine is the same – just not a hybrid 🙂 Sorry about the kidney stones 🙁 I’ve suffered from those for 8 years now and I remember the first time was the worst time! I had to be hospitalized from the pain so thankfully yours weren’t that bad!!

    Glad ya’ll are settling in to the new house 🙂

  3. Congrats on the new car! It’s so exciting 🙂

    I’ve been looking around your blog and I love it! Your 101 list is really great, best of luck with it!

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