All about my adorable girl, Haley

Since I’ve been having writer’s block (I think I had about 10 started and then deleted drafts yesterday… everything was either whiny or boring), I thought I’d join up with a new meme started by E over at E, Myself and I: mid-week laughs.

This week’s theme is: _____________________ makes me laugh about my pet.

mid-week laughs at
Her attitude makes me laugh about my pet.

Haley, first of all, is a Calico.  For those of you who’ve ever dealt with Calicoes know that they’re generally one person cats, and can be quite a pain to deal with.

She first showed her ‘tude during Christmas of 2006, about 4 months after I adopted her.  My sister was laying on the floor of my parent’s living room.  Haley was running around, and I guess hadn’t paid enough attention to my sister, because as Haley was walking away, my sister called her a name.  Haley stopped dead in her tracks, spun around and ran back and whacked my sister in the head.  All of our jaws dropped, and we started laughing as Haley started walking away.  My sister laughed the hardest, and Haley wasn’t having it… she spun back around and whacked her again.

Not too long after the event

Since then, she’s continued with it… she’ll act like she’s the prettiest, sweetest thing in the world (like meowing cutely at passerbys on the street), especially when she wants something.  If she runs out of food overnight, she will cutely wake us up with her chirps, and actually let S pet her (otherwise, he can’t get near her without a hiss).  As soon as the food’s in the bowl, she’s back to her nonsense, and growls while eating.

I can’t help but laugh at her when she pulls her attitude – and I know it encourages her 🙂


  1. When my cat needs food in the middle of the night, he rips up paper. Or, if we have a glass of water on the nightstand he will actually knock it over onto us! I know all about cat attitude! LoL

  2. you know Elizabeth?? small world!

  3. Shelley – I actually don’t think I do. I think I found her blog from yours!

  4. Jessica, SO cute! I love a cat with an attitude! 🙂

    Thanks for playing along today! I’m happy to find your blog!

  5. Haha! That’s so funny! My cat can have an attitude, but mainly she’s just quirky. 🙂

  6. Hilarious!! Love how she’s preening in front of the ‘mirror’ in that last pic!

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