There are a few more Yankees in heaven

I usually try to stay away from a few things: religion, politics and sports, because they usually cause arguments.  I will stand up for my beliefs but as a whole I stay out of them because it’s just not worth it (and when it comes to politics, I’m pretty uneducated).

I am proudly a Yankee’s fan, much to the dismay of many of my friends and family (the married into family that is).  My grandfather was a Yankee’s fan.  My dad and his brothers are Yankee’s fans.  Most of the grandchildren are Yankee’s fans.  It’s just how it is.

So I was saddened on Sunday to hear of the passing of the voice of the Yankees – Bob Sheppard.  He’s a voice that will never be replaced.  And then the news this morning… that George Steinbrenner, the mastermind behind the reversal of the downward spiral that the Yankee’s were in during the 1970’s, had too passed away.

Many people will be happy that he’s gone.  He wasn’t liked by many, even despised by Yankee fans after the horrible way the dismissal of Joe Torre was handled.  But, regardless of your thoughts on him, it’s still a very sad day for the organization.  I know the Yankee’s will move on, and win number 28 for him.  But the Yankee organization will NEVER be the same.  Picture Source 1 2

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