The post lunch blahs

I know I’m not the only one who feels it… about an hour and a half to two hours after I eat I’m wiped out, and all I want to do is go home and nap.  The good news about our new house being closer is that I could actually go home during a lunch break, but for now, I struggle through it.

Since I’m struggling with it right now, I decided to look it up, and find an article on it and see what I can do to make my 1:45-4:00 not go so darn slow!  I found quite a few in different places, but I really liked the one I found from early 2009 on

The gist: Most of us get bored, sluggish and/or restless after lunch due to our body trying to digest our food.  Of course, there are certain food combinations that make this worse: greasy burgers and fried food, and over sugary snacks really take their toll.  The article gives many suggestions on how to fight this off: power naps in your car or an empty office (lasting no more than 30 minutes), a brisk walk around the office, a quick stretching session or pushups, a visit to your favorite comic site or even just a chat with a friend can all have positive effects on your afternoon productivity.

My take: I am so bad about this.  Especially with my food.  I’ve really been trying to do better and eat healthier, but the food in the cafeteria here is not exactly healthy.  And what do I do?  Instead of corn fritattas, I get a grilled cheese and a bowl of chili.  Not so good.  So here it is a little over two hours later and I’m staring blankly at my screen, barely able to keep my eyes open.  One suggestion in the article is to take a stretching session or to do some pushups to get blood flowing again and get energy back up.  I’m really thinking about switching up my pushup/situp routine to do them about two hours after lunch in hopes that I’ll be productive again.  I get so much done in the mornings, and much less done in the afternoon, that it’s definitely worth a shot to get productivity going again.  Or, maybe I’ll just crawl under my desk and take a 15 minute nap.

Another thing that I’ve thought about doing (not related to the article) is to utilize this little guy that S found when we were cleaning out the closet a week ago:

S got it from a fellow grad student of his who grew up in India.  I put it just above my monitor for a little bit of color, and something cute to look at:

Notice it has two little pouches.. one that’s easy to see, the other sort of blends in.  Since I’m having so much trouble leaving bad things that happen at work AT work, I think I’m going to start writing little notes and putting it in the bottom pouch as I leave my office, as a physical “leaving it at the office”.  I’m also thinking of using the top pocket as my to-do list pocket… every night I’ll put my tomorrow’s to-do list in it, and grab it on my way in in the morning.

What do you guys think?


  1. A couple people at my office did the walking thing pretty regularly at 2:00 PM everyday. They stopped doing it for awhile during the winter, but I picked it back up during the summer because a) for the reasons you listed above and b) they keep it freezing in my office! So I go walk to “dethaw” as well as wake up some.

    I love the pocket idea! It’s really cute, too. =)

  2. I am totally for the 15 minute nap. It does WONDERS for me (but I’m sure this is no surprise after my nap blog…haha)

    Also, love the pocket idea!

  3. I have the same exact problem. I’m gonna try some of the remedies you listed and see if it helps!!

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