Operation closet cleanout: complete!

Now I know this isn’t a big deal, and I may have to revisit this when we get to our new house and everything sort of piles up in the basement, BUT S and I went through the storage closet today, threw away two big trashbags full of stuff and got some other things to donate.  I’ve hated going anywhere near the closet because it gives me anxiety just knowing that stuff has piled up in there with no organization.  Since we’re not moving for another month, we can’t really pack up too much, but the storage closet was the place to start (not to mention boxes from our last move were piled up in the back). 

I guess the best way to go about a project like this is to just do it… set aside a few hours and some space and buckle down.  I forgot to take a before picture, but let’s just say that everything you can think of was in there… from our Christmas Tree and its decorations to guitars, family swords and cookbooks.  And tons and tons of paper. 

We started with S’s books, since he found out his new office will have room for them.  Then we moved onto the miscellaneous boxes that just keep accumulating stuff.  Our office turned into a war zone, but once we got through all of the books and other stuff, I packed up the books on our bookshelves and labeled and sealed those boxes.  They were all put back into the closet (only going in if the movers can just go right in, pick up the boxes and load them on the truck).  Here’s the finished product (sorry for the blurry picture):

As a point of before reference… there was not nearly as much barespace.  The tables were against the back wall, things were piled up in front of them and almost up to the shelf.  This will definitely not give me anxiety for the next month as I walk past 🙂

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